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What We Should Know About Frothing Non-Dairy Milks


When we decide to make frothed milk, we have various choices of. Normally, it is recommended that we use whole milk and 2% dairy milk for the best froth quality. It does not mean that we can’t use other types of milk or non -dairy milk in particular

The very first thing we should know is that we can produce froth with all types of milk. If we mainly have access to non-dairy milk, of course we can use it to create frothed milk. After all, frothing milk is the process of introducing air into milk to create foam and we can do it with all milk forms. Soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and coconut milk can also be used for frothing. They are also easy to make at home. However, the quality of foam varies from one type of milk to another. It seems like dairy milk and coffee is a match made in heaven.

Then, what tastes we get in using different types of non-dairy milk?

We want to taste the creamy, rich flavor of frothed milk on top of our drink, which is exactly what we can achieve with whole milk. The fat content in milk is what creates the creamy taste of froth. Now let’s see the taste we get with the 4 popular types of non-dairy milk:

Coconut milk

It is easy to froth. In fact, coconut milk produces larger, thinner bubbles and heated up much faster than dairy milk. We can add sugar or not, depend on our taste but in general, the taste of coconut milk does not complement the bitter taste of espresso well.coconut-milk

Rice milk

Since it has very little fat, it lacks what helps create the rich, creamy and tasty texture of froth. What we get is puffy foam, watery consistency and neutral taste.rice-milk

Soy milk

In general, it produces foam but depending on the brand of soil milk we use, the stability of foam may vary. The issue about using soy milk to froth is that it is not as foamy as dairy milk. The higher water content and beany flavor in soy milk seem to water down the taste of coffee rather than neutralize the acidity. It is more suitable for latte than cappuccino. Note that there are people who are allergic to milk with beans in vintage style

Almond milk

The nice thing of using almond milk is that it holds foam well. The creamy nuttiness that is both sweet and bitter at the same time seems to match the coffee flavor well. We should add sugar or syrup to it to get the similar sweetness from frothed dairy milk. The delicate flavor of dairy milk can’t be fully matched, though. Almond milk is very healthy.
non-dairy milk1
Frothing non-dairy milk is quite similar to dairy milk. We all need cold, fresh milk but we must note that the burning temperature of different types of milk is different. For example soy milk heats up much faster than dairy milk. Almond milk get burned at the temperature of more than 130F degree. Once we overheat the milk, we destroy the protein in milk and create a very unpleasant taste. With each type of non-dairy milk, it may take us several times before we can identify the optimal temperature range. The use of a thermometer is recommended.
Concerning the tools used for frothing, we can use the same tools applied for diary milk – namely different types of milk frother – or get by with just a jar with lid, a saucepan or the microwave.

The frothing process for non-dairy milks should be done quickly – in a gentle yet turbulent way -because it is easy to scald them.

Diffuser, Humidifier or Vaporizer: What should you choose to diffuse essential oil?

As the days, weeks and months pass by; there appears an apparent change in the weather, and the climatic change is felt by everyone. Again, this change in the climate is felt not only by the outside body, but also the inside of the body feels it and reacts in a variety of ways. Sometimes you suffer from cold and cough, flowing nose, and even flu. Also, the skin of your body gets affected by the climatic change, and often, such a change in the climate affects your skin in an adverse manner. Using the essential oils thus becomes essential in order to keep the room or the house healthy. However, very often, the people get confused about whether to use a Humidifier, Vaporizer, or a Diffuser to diffuse the essential oils in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the room or the house.

Should you use a Humidifier, Vaporizer, or a Diffuser to diffuse essential oils in the air?

If you are not well familiar with the Humidifier, Vaporizer and Diffuser; it is a bit difficult to understand which one is better to diffuse essential oils in the air. The following paragraphs can render you a brief idea about all the three equipments.

1. Humidifier


In some seasons, and especially in the fall and winter nights, the air in the room feels a bit dryer. The dryness of air makes you feel irritation in several parts of your body. Also, you feel some dryness in your nose, lips, throat and skin. The lack of moisture in the air thus causes quite a great discomfort. The Humidifier is used to increase the amount of moisture in the air. Using a Humidifier, you can vaporize the water and spray it in the air so as to increase the moisture. You can use a Humidifier to diffuse essential oils; however, it is not ideal for diffusing the essential oils.


2. Vaporizer


A vaporizer is a device that is used to vaporize a particular substance, especially for medicinal inhalation. In a vaporizer, water is boiled to such an extent that it turns into vapor or hot steam. A few drops of essential oils can be added to the boiling water and the steam can be inhaled. However, the essential oils’ therapeutic qualities can be adversely affected by the extreme heat.

3. Diffuser

Greenair Spa Vapor

Diffusers are made with a purpose of dispersing the molecules of essential oils and water in a large area, such as a bedroom or a drawing room for therapeutic effects. Unlike the humidifiers or the vaporizers, the humidifiers do not use heat in order to create steam. Diffusers are specifically designed to be used with essential oils.

In brief, the vaporizers vaporize the water, and the steam released into the air is inhaled. Humidifiers increase moisture in the air, and the diffusers are designed to disperse the molecules of water and essential oils into the air in order to create an ameliorating atmosphere and killing the airborne germs inside the room.

What is best for diffusing the essential oils?

You may use the vaporizers and humidifiers to diffuse essential oils; however, the diffusers are the best devices to diffuse the essential oils, and it is advisable to use diffusers instead of vaporizers or humidifiers.

What are the favorite essential oil diffusers?

The Ultrasonic diffuser, Nebulizing diffuser, Evaporative diffuser and the Heat diffuser are four main types of essential oil diffusers that are quite common. If you are now familiar with the favorite essential oil diffusers; you should surely get some information before you use any essential oil diffusers. The Ultrasonic diffusers are more suitable in the drier months as it spreads enough moisture in the air. However, if you are looking for best therapeutic values, the Nebulizing diffusers would be the best option. It diffuses the entire oil into miniscule particles and spreads in the air. The evaporative and heat diffusers are not ideal as they reduce the therapeutic values of the essential oils.

Some highly commendable benefits of using diffusers

  • The miniscule particles of the essential oils are easily absorbed or inhaled.
  • By using diffuser, you can control the molds, fungus, airborne infectious photogene, and bacteria etc.
  • It eliminates stinking or unpleasant odors.
  • The aromatic atmosphere of the room is soothing to your mind and heart.
  • Diffusers increase the amount of oxygen as they create negative ions.
  • It escalates mental alertness and concentration.



What is the meaning of gift giving at Christmas?

Christmas is a popular celebration among Christians, it is celebrated worldwide. This occasion is followed by loads of fun and enjoyment, with the gift giving ceremony. Gift giving forms an integral part of Christmas and there is an historical explanation behind it. Basically, the gift giving tradition is followed in the honour of the three wise men whose are known in the holy Bible for bringing gifts to the baby Jesus. As per the records of Bible, after the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, Judea during the reign of King Herod, Magi from the East along with two other wise men visited the place. When he saw Jesus with his mother, Mary he bowed down and worshiped him. They showered him with their blessings along with gifts of incense, gold and of myrrh from their treasures.

What is the meaning of gift giving at Christmas

The roots of gift giving during Christmas extend to the ancient times, the tradition which we follow today owes mostly to the Victorian England. Basically, the Victorians brought a renewed spirit and warmth to this occasion after it has experienced a vast period of decline. They come up with the new idea of Christmas being a family celebration. Charity and friendliness fill the hearts of people during this season, which leads to the concept of gift giving naturally. Merriment and ingenuity followed this occasion.

Christmas traditions are rich in spiritual abundance, history and family traditions. You will just need to find the perfect gift to celebrate the occasion joyfully and in style. Basically the gift giving custom on Christmas or the Epiphany with Italians has a special religious importance, which is overlooked often. Giving gifts is never obligatory, but it represents your love for Jesus. It depicts that we all should love one another. In fact, some parents ensure that the children give gifts to Christ Child in the form of acts of love and little sacrifices.

Several years were spent by wise men in the research of the mysteries of the night sky as well as the real meaning of the bright star. They travelled for many years in search of Messiah. They believed that gifts are the symbol of love and they poured themselves completely into this tradition, purchased gifts to show their gratitude as well as express their joy.

Do you have a boyfriend and wondering what to give him this Christmas? Are you in a serious relationship for years? Are you planning what to buy for your love this Christmas season, which he found useful yet attractive? If you are looking for meaningful Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, then continue reading the post. When it comes to purchasing a gift for your boyfriend, it is really a daunting task, especially if it is a gift for such an important occasion. There are a number of Christmas gifts to choose from, but while purchasing makes sure that you consider his likes and preferences.

For instance, if your boyfriend loves to wear latest watches, then certainly giving him with the latest watch is the idle option for gift. Similarly, you can also give him a piece of the latest fashion magazine, provided he is a fashion freak and loves to keep himself updated with the latest trends prevailing in the fashion industry. Again, if he is an office-goer, then you can buy him a leather bag or a pair of formal shoes. This can really serve the purpose of a meaningful gift.

Cards and chocolates are really common, so when it comes to meaningful gifts, it means you need to choose something that he really finds useful in his daily life. Some more examples of such gifts include t-shirts, trousers, handkerchief and cufflink set, perfume and deodorant etc.

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Don’t let winter heating bill burn your wallet !

With the winter approaching, the only thing that is getting warmer is your wallet. There will be an obvious increase in the energy bill. Heating accounts to 56% of the energy used by an American home. You cannot sit in the cold and at the same time, you need to have a method which would help you to heat your house, without losing you, a lot. Here are a few ways which would help you to save a few dollars from your energy bill.


The best eco-friendly electric fireplace would help you to save a lot of energy. This fireplace would not give out toxic gases and at the same time, the air filters in the electric fireplace would help to increase the quality of the air you breathe. This fireplace also reduces the heat loss and blocks the cold air from entering the room through the chimney. Thus, there would be a considerable decrease in the amount you spend with the wood burning versions.



Starting from your attic to your garage, try to insulate every nook and corner of the house. This is not just for the winter, but also for the summer. Insulation would not let the heat ooze to the surrounding from your house in the winter and does not increase the room temperature in the summer. Make sure that all your ducts are sealed properly, before you start the insulating process. A duct leak can cause 10-25% increase in the heating cost. Proper insulation would decrease your monthly energy bill by 30%. Talk to the experts about the right way of insulating your house. Starting from heavy drapes to wooden insulation, there are a lot of steps and methods for insulating different rooms. You can do it yourself with a little help from the internet too.


Tame your thermostat

When you are off to work, decrease the temperature in your thermostat by 10 degrees. Depending upon your location, this can be helpful to save more than 10% of your energy bill. If you have programmable thermostat, you can reduce the temperature more and increase it a few hours, before you start to head back to your house from work.


Switch hot water with warm water

The water heater you buy is set at 140 degree F. This is a temperature that you need to add some cold water to make it to usable state. Instead, reduce to 120 degree F which would help you to use the water comfortably and at the same time also helps to reduce 10% of the heating cost of water. Moreover, your water heater need not stay on power mode, the whole day. You can turn it off or reduce the temperature, while you are at work or when you sleep.

Use slow showerhead, insulate the water pipes and install a timer to the water heater to help you reduce up to 24% of the heating cost. Leaky taps, leaky showerheads and pipes also radiate the heat out making you to spend more money on heating. About 26% of the energy bill accounts to the water heating needs.


Don’t let your money flow through the window

Your insulation and controlled thermostat would mean nothing if your windows are not closing properly, or if there are small holes on the still. Insulate your window after repairing it. You may not need to open all the windows in your house during winter and thus, it is better to shut them sealed from the inside. There are window panels which help to avoid temperature transfer between the environment and the house. Double pane windows are better, when it comes to saving energy bills than single pane windows. Save up to 30% by perfectly sealing your window.

The same goes for the doors too. It is better to check every opening in your house, including the chimney. Replace the worn weather-stripping, adjust the door thresholds and perform all the other actions which would help you to seal the heat inside.


If you are living alone in your house, it is a waste to use your furnace, all the time. You can rest your furnace and use a portable heater which you can keep the room that you are in, warm. This will help to reduce 3% of your bill. No matter what type of method you use, there is always an initial cost attached to it. However, you should remember that the return on investment for these products is very fast.