As the days, weeks and months pass by; there appears an apparent change in the weather, and the climatic change is felt by everyone. Again, this change in the climate is felt not only by the outside body, but also the inside of the body feels it and reacts in a variety of ways. Sometimes you suffer from cold and cough, flowing nose, and even flu. Also, the skin of your body gets affected by the climatic change, and often, such a change in the climate affects your skin in an adverse manner. Using the essential oils thus becomes essential in order to keep the room or the house healthy. However, very often, the people get confused about whether to use a Humidifier, Vaporizer, or a Diffuser to diffuse the essential oils in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the room or the house.

Should you use a Humidifier, Vaporizer, or a Diffuser to diffuse essential oils in the air?

If you are not well familiar with the Humidifier, Vaporizer and Diffuser; it is a bit difficult to understand which one is better to diffuse essential oils in the air. The following paragraphs can render you a brief idea about all the three equipments.

1. Humidifier


In some seasons, and especially in the fall and winter nights, the air in the room feels a bit dryer. The dryness of air makes you feel irritation in several parts of your body. Also, you feel some dryness in your nose, lips, throat and skin. The lack of moisture in the air thus causes quite a great discomfort. The Humidifier is used to increase the amount of moisture in the air. Using a Humidifier, you can vaporize the water and spray it in the air so as to increase the moisture. You can use a Humidifier to diffuse essential oils; however, it is not ideal for diffusing the essential oils.


2. Vaporizer


A vaporizer is a device that is used to vaporize a particular substance, especially for medicinal inhalation. In a vaporizer, water is boiled to such an extent that it turns into vapor or hot steam. A few drops of essential oils can be added to the boiling water and the steam can be inhaled. However, the essential oils’ therapeutic qualities can be adversely affected by the extreme heat.

3. Diffuser

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Diffusers are made with a purpose of dispersing the molecules of essential oils and water in a large area, such as a bedroom or a drawing room for therapeutic effects. Unlike the humidifiers or the vaporizers, the humidifiers do not use heat in order to create steam. Diffusers are specifically designed to be used with essential oils.

In brief, the vaporizers vaporize the water, and the steam released into the air is inhaled. Humidifiers increase moisture in the air, and the diffusers are designed to disperse the molecules of water and essential oils into the air in order to create an ameliorating atmosphere and killing the airborne germs inside the room.

What is best for diffusing the essential oils?

You may use the vaporizers and humidifiers to diffuse essential oils; however, the diffusers are the best devices to diffuse the essential oils, and it is advisable to use diffusers instead of vaporizers or humidifiers.

What are the favorite essential oil diffusers?

The Ultrasonic diffuser, Nebulizing diffuser, Evaporative diffuser and the Heat diffuser are four main types of essential oil diffusers that are quite common. If you are now familiar with the favorite essential oil diffusers; you should surely get some information before you use any essential oil diffusers. The Ultrasonic diffusers are more suitable in the drier months as it spreads enough moisture in the air. However, if you are looking for best therapeutic values, the Nebulizing diffusers would be the best option. It diffuses the entire oil into miniscule particles and spreads in the air. The evaporative and heat diffusers are not ideal as they reduce the therapeutic values of the essential oils.

Some highly commendable benefits of using diffusers

  • The miniscule particles of the essential oils are easily absorbed or inhaled.
  • By using diffuser, you can control the molds, fungus, airborne infectious photogene, and bacteria etc.
  • It eliminates stinking or unpleasant odors.
  • The aromatic atmosphere of the room is soothing to your mind and heart.
  • Diffusers increase the amount of oxygen as they create negative ions.
  • It escalates mental alertness and concentration.